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“When you live like I have, and sometimes still do ;) it is important to do something to try and even out your karmic score card.”
— Jack Warren

I feel lucky to be able to do what I do for a living and quite simply put, it feels good to give back. I grew up Catholic (and still am), and despite all the controversy in the news, the Church still does a lot of good around the world to help those in need. Holy Hill was very important to my Mother who was a Carmelite Nun, I lost her in September of 2006. Both Holy Hill & The Mary of Guadalupe Shrine in Wisconsin are quite honestly the only two places on Earth that I ever feel at peace.


Fair Trade Farming is extremely important to me. American Corporations have profited immensely by committing atrocities against Nicaragua, and all of Central America. In the past three-decades the corporations took aim at the American Farmer and have nearly made the 'family farm" extinct. You can make a difference by purchasing from Certified Fair Trade distributors, and help insure that the actual farmer gets the profits from their labor. I personally also have started purchasing drug & hormone free meats. It's just healthier than what you buy at the not so Super Market ;)

Hope for the Warriors

Established in 2006, Hope For The Warriors™ upholds a legacy of care for the wounded which began in October of 2004 when the reality of sacrifices given in the line of duty took a personal hold on co-founders and friends, Robin Kelleher and Shannon Maxwell. It was at this time that Shannon's husband, LtCol Tim Maxwell, was severely wounded in Iraq after shrapnel from a mortar attack left him with a traumatic brain injury. Strengthened by the support of friends and family and an unwavering determination throughout recovery, a mission of advocacy began on behalf of Wounded Warriors and their families, whose network of support may not be sufficient or accessible as warranted by their injuries. www.hopeforthewarriors.org


Old Fella Burke County Animal Rescue

Ministry with Community

Casa in Rapid City

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